Friday, January 21, 2011

There has been an explosion in my house-getting ready for Tucson

This year I am showing at two shows. AGTA at the convention center and Best Bead at the Kino Center with Lisa Kan. I am getting ready for both shows.

The piles of stock, marketing, displays, are accumulating in my livingroom, dining room, out on the porch. My Yukon is starting to be loaded and my 22 foot Airstream Trailer is now being loaded with clothes and supplies. This is the part where I don't know if I will be done before it is time. My nightmare is thinking I will leave my purse on the table at home and not realize it until I am entering Tucson.
This is my rig - my home away from home. My dog Pooh Bear thinks I have it so that he can have a kennel with a view. Before I go to Tucson - everything I need will go into these two vehicles. Honk if you see me going by.

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