Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Beautiful Day in Tucson

I had a day off before I setup tomorrow so I walked around Tucson. I went to the To Bead True Blue show where many of my friends are displaying. The crowds looked up and cheerful and I saw many bags being carried away from the booths. - it was all good.

I then visited the motels next to Interstate 10 and saw many people in very good moods and lots of people walking around with bags with lots of stuff - that was good.

Tomorrow I setup for the AGTA show which starts on Tuesday - On Wednesday night the Best Bead Show opens and I will be there. I hope to see many happy people with lots of bags filled with wonderful things at both of these shows.

I ended my day with friends at my favorite Mexican Restaurant - we had home made tortilla chips with 4 kinds of salsa, wonderful main courses, margaritas mmmmm! and for desert Sopapillas and Fried Ice cream. If you come by my booth and ask - I will tell you what restaurant it is.

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