Monday, January 31, 2011

AGTA all day

This is my first AGTA show - Elaine - a former teacher of mine who is assisting me at the show and I worked all day today putting the booth together. Up until I discovered lights that decided not to work, and other interesting things that could not be fixed with zip ties, windex or duct tape did we find ourselves driving all over Tucson to find an Office Max, Michaels and Home Depot to finish the project.

Tomorrow morning at 10 the doors open and booth 3706 will be ready. My body will have ample ibuprophen to make it through the day. I lifted, climbed, crawled, and moved stuff for many hours today and my body will tell me about it tomorrow.

Lisa Kan and I met tonight to exchange things so that she would be ready for setting up the Best Bead Show tomorrow. My planning left a lot to be desired. There are things I set aside for her that I forgot to put in the vehicle to take to her.

For someone who likes to have it all together - today has not been a stellar day. Tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Kim - I think that every time I was near the booth you were busy...but it was great catching up with Elaine.

    Robyn Hawk