Friday, July 22, 2011 is Smart Phone ready!

This last week I took one more step to make my website more accessible. Now if you have a smart phone and you access the internet with that phone is a smartphone optimized site.

I did this because I travel and sometimes the only access I have to email and the internet is my phone. When I try to make hotel, car and airline reservations or do simple purchases from websites that I know I sometimes feel I am seeing about 5% of the screen and have to scroll left, right up and down to get my job done.

The way that the handfast site is set up all you have to do is go up and down, forward and back. Every screen is complete in itself. It might be a little geeky of me but I am really happy with it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

You want my picture? Ohhhh

I got an email from GIA last week. They want to include my some quotes I made in literature they are sending out to potential students and asked me to give my permision for this. I was really flattered by this. The school has hundreds of students every year all over the world and I graduated 6 years ago and I was about 20 to 30 years older than most of the students in my class.

After all the warm feelings came the last part of the request which was for a high quality professional picture to include with the information. I ran through all the pictures I have of me from recent history and saw the one that I really liked was one with my dog Pooh. The picture didn't fit the profile.

This was followed by a serious look in the mirror. I decided I needed help so I called my friendly photographer to get an appointment. I have an appointment with him next Wednesday for a "sitting". I have an appointment with my hairdresser today for a trim and some serious searching in my closet and makeup bag to do before I go. My ego is on the line. I know how old I am - I just don't have to look at me all the time as a reminder

When I had a professional portrait done while I was working in the computer industry - there was the suit and small jewelry combined with minimal makeup - didn't need much then. School portraits were evidence of growing up. How does an artist/designer put her/himself out there. Do I leave my optivisor on? Find my most unique highly "artsy" top, dress in pajamas or a non-holey tee-shirt (reality)? Do I wear jewelry? How much makeup? Only at the end of the appointment on Wednesday will those answers be known.