Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scissors and other things

With metal prices rising I started looking seriously at the scrap in my bench drawer and at pieces I had cast as long as 5 years ago. Was their money in them there piles. Yup! Did I have some trepidation regarding getting rid of some of these treasures - sure.

I started gathering together old components that were so heavy that no one would pay the price for them (gone were the days of $8 an ounce silver).  Pieces that weren't up to my standards - some were really cool experiments in their day. I took my scissors to old pieces and separated out the silver.

I knew that there were jewelry stores and others that would give me money for the silver. The further I got from the refinery that melts the metal down the more people would be making money at my loss so I started looking at refineries.

I picked one out after asking my casting company and the guy who cuts my waxes who they would recommend.  I called them to find out exactly how they paid out and asked them for an idea of their fees.

I sent the metal in - it worked out to close to 100 ounces - a lot of stuff in a little box. I now have my check and some bills have been paid.

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