Friday, September 17, 2010

What to Create Next?

Currently in the works are the Starfish Earrings and the new cones which have been named Trumpet Flowers.

Recent additions to the HandFast line are the Coin Clasps which are going gangbusters. Bead & Button as well as other magazines have chosen them for promotion in their magazines. I have had fun adding them to decorative chain, kumihimo and lampwork beads. I think they would be wonderful with chain mail, bead crochet and wirewrapping. One of my customers bought the coins to use in earrings. I am sure that their are more uses for the hooks and coins than I ever thought of when I created them. Their are new Celtic designs recently added for those of you who love Celtic themes in your work.

I am wondering what area more designs are needed. Is it clasps, rings, pendants, earrings? Are more items needed in Pink Silver (shibuichi)? My best ideas come from you - my customers. Let me know.


  1. Hi Kim, and thanks for asking! I bought a glorious shibuichi clasp from you at the Pasadena show, and altho it looks great with patinated silver jump rings and chain, I'd love it more if I could get some shibuichi findings. We all love having the rings and pins in our stashes that make our creations the most beautiful.

  2. I understand what you are saying. I have seen some vendors that had findings that match the shibuichi color. I will write down the information and post it here - perhaps on the newsletter as well.