Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sometimes it just comes to you

Chartres Square Ring

I love making rings. When I make a really nice one I enjoy it when people give it to themselves or someone they love for a special event. Some of my rings have been given for marriages, tokens of friendship and love and for many special events.

That said. I have created many really ugly rings, luckily most all of them are in my notebooks or on my computer.

Creating one that is comfortable, unique (not wierd), affordable and in some cases suitable for both men and women is a difficult assignment. I don't know about you, but in my opinion most men's jewelry is boring. I get really excited when a man finds something in my line that they like. With this ring I think that both men and women will like it.

One of my commitments when I decided to become a jewelry designer was to make jewelry that men would wear. This ring may have only taken a couple of hours to create on my CAD computer system, but it has been months in the making. I have started and thrown away many of the preliminary designs.

It hasn't come easily. I won't know if it is a success until I hold it in my hand and show it to some of you and see what you have to say - for now this is the one I am taking from virtual to reality.

Let me know what you think!


  1. The ring is truly a delight to behold, Kim! However, I would love to see some alternate views of it that show the entirety of the graphic part of the design. From the pic you shared, I can see how this design would be comfy on the hand of anyone.

  2. I will post a couple of more renderings so you can see the details. Glad you like it