Sunday, December 11, 2011

Melted or Marketed? That is the question

I have created items that have never been marketed. They sit in my drawers where I look at them occasionally. If there is no hope - then they are melted down if there is inherent metal value.

Every designer in the world would like to win 100% - we don't. Sometimes the economy changes the game. When silver went from $8 an ounce to close to $50 some of my designs looked like door stops not inventory. The thing is designers like to design and it is a compulsion that can't be stopped.

This is all an introduction to the fact that I have designed some things that are new that may be melted or marketed. The pieces I have created should be able to be used in many ways. Swarovski flat backs, cabachon gemstones, chain maille, wire wrapping, beading and even more. I have renderings of them to show and no examples of how to use them yet. My mind has come up with options that could be included in other versions and as of yet I have not yet held the solid evidence of my imagination in my hand. It is what I do.

The pieces in the renderings are 1 1/2 inches and 3 inches left to right and can be hooked together easily or used individually. The rendering show cabachon stones and open. One side has seating for stones or crystals and the other side is round so the pieces are two sided.

I will have these components for Tucson - my customer will let me know how they think they should be used or that I should add to the collection in my drawer.

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