Friday, March 25, 2011

White Bronze or Sterling Silver - Can you tell the difference?

With silver prices approaching $40 I figured something needed to be done to offer my customers clasps and finding product that would give them the durability and beauty that silver, jeweler's (or silicon) bronze and pink silver (or shibuichi) do.

As a white metal - pewter is an alternative that some have taken on. Since I work with clasps and other components that need tensile strength that is not acceptable. Plating is another thing that some have done, plating silver over brass doesn't work for me as many of my pieces rub each other and I don't want my customers coming back to me telling me their skin is turning green when the plate wears off.

I wanted to offer quality at an affordable price so we set out to do an experiment. We made some of my most expensive clasps out of an unexpected metal - white bronze. White bronze is an alloy of nickel, copper and zinc.

After the order was placed I waited nervously for the samples. Today they came.

I now have a challenge for you. I have taken a picture of both silver and white bronze clasps together. The first person who correctly names the clasps that are white bronze will win $25 worth of product on my website or $25 credit with your next purchase. One try per person.

There was no color correction used on this photo. If it is hard for you to figure out the difference I am thrilled and hope you are too. Email me at with your answers.
I am adding more clasps to the inventory this coming month and will post them on the website as I get them. This will offer you an option in white metal that is durable and affordable. Check for listings.


  1. Hi, I am trying to figure out which metal is higher quality: technibond (sterling coated/plated with gold) or bronze? I have not been able to get a real answer looking on the internet. It appears that you have a "handle" on my question, could you please tell me. I am in the beginning process of buying smoky quartz and want to know what is the better setting material. Thanks, Donna
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    1. If the jewelry is taking any wear the technibond will eventually wear off. The silver or gold will wear off and leave whatever metal below. Technibond is a term used by HSN. I would talk to the casting or manufacturing house you plan to use and get pricing on both products - plated or solid metal. They will know if the pieces you are making works okay with plating or only as a solid metal - i.e. bronze or white bronze.