Saturday, February 26, 2011

Predictions - good or bad

This weekend I am displaying in booth A29 at the Fountain Hills, AZ Great Fair which is one of the most hightly rated juried arts and crafts fairs in the U.S. The fair extends along the boulevards leading to the Fountain that is the center of this town outside Scottsdale, Arizona.

The weather for the 3 day weekend has gone through predictions of rain for two days, low temperatures, snow - snow. In fact I woke up the day before the show thinking maybe I should just forfeit the show fee and stay home where I could be warm and dry. However, I finished packing, grabbed my little dog Pooh Bear and drove my Airstream down to the RV park. My friend Piper came out and we setup under beautiful blue skies.

On Friday the skies remained blue and the breezes somewhat warm. Today we expect the high 60s with rain through the night. Sunday still may be cool.

This is all about predictions. I could be home where it would be warm and dry, but I wouldn't have met all the customers I met yesterday and sold all the pieces I sold. And I wouldn't have had the unexpected pleasure of seeing two old friends that came by my booth.

So much for predictions.

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