Sunday, October 28, 2012

How I turned being bad into good

This is a wax that came from my effort to stay
awake during driving school.

A number of years ago I was caught speeding. You know one of those days when I was in a hurry and wasn't paying attention until a flash went off in my face and I hoped that mud was covering my license plate. Sure enough a letter arrived letting me know that I was going to be supporting the small town I had passed through too quickly. Either I could pay the money and get points or pay the money and go to driving school. I picked number two.
The way I used to stay awake in school was to scribble and sketch. I had innumerable sketches of my right hand in all kinds of positions, when I was younger I drew a lot of horses and so forth. Well here I was decades later and as soon as he opened his mouth my pen came out and I  doodled away.
 I found out many years after I left school that doodling and sketching allowed my mind to slow down so I could hear what was said while my mind screamed "boring". The sketches that day turned into the centerpiece above and an associated clasp - both called Deco Bloom.
I try to keep a pen/pencil and paper around most all of the time. Sometimes I create doodles that don't make sense and sometimes I create a poem or something pretty.


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