Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Items for the Designer Toolbox from HandFast Design by Kim Fox

The new clasps and bails I have created I think offer anyone who uses them a lot of flexibility. With one clasp and multiple loops you can have strands moved from piece to piece and from bracelet to necklace. Another clasp I have created can be used to connect segments or used by itself.

The Single Hook Celtic Clasp KF287 holds three strands of freshwater pearls using three figure 8 loops. ML167. One comes with the clasp and the loops can be purchased in pairs. Another option to this necklace would have been to use a cone to gather the three strands at the loop end.

This three strand necklace of multiple shapes of onyx and bicone swarovski crystal is collected to a single strand by a pair of Single Hook Celtic Clasps KF287. The strand in the back is terminated by ML167 figure 8 loops. The three strand necklace and the single strand can be used separately.

The two Celtic Single Loop Clasps KF287 are connected with a single ML167 figure 8 loop to make a shorter necklace.

The single strand with the two ML167 loops is connected to the Double Celtic Hook KF286 to make a bracelet. The Double Celtic Hook can easily be moved from strand to strand and can easily connect multiple strands in a piece.

Here you can see the Double Celtic Hook KF286 moved to a pearl strand.

Another issue I have had is a collection of beautiful flat back beads and cabachons that have been sitting in my stash. I wanted to create something that would allow them to be used and moved from piece to piece. After creating the Gingko and Leaf Clips I thought that it would be great to create a similar clip that would allow me to move a favorite pendant from piece to piece easily and allow me to enhance a favorite necklace multiple ways.

The Oval Bail Clip KF290 is connected to a large teardrop shaped cabachon. In this case E6000 was used to connect the bail to the stone.

The Rectangle Bail Clip KF289 was used to connect to this ceramic bead. The bead was slightly curved so using pliers the bail was curved to match.

A beaded kumihimo strand is enhanced by the ceramic pendant that is connected using the Rectangular Bail Clip KF289

The V KF91  or Winged KF113 connectors can be used to connect pendants to necklaces easily. Why leave your favorite beads or pendants in a drawer when you can move them from piece to piece?

The Chartres Spiral KF205 can be easily connected to any pendant using either the Oval KF290 or Rectangle KF289 bail clip

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