Sunday, March 11, 2012

Patina and Polish

HandFast makes components in four solid metals. They are tarnish resistant sterling silver, pink silver (shibuichi), silicon bronze and white bronze. We may add more as time goes on. Since they are solid metal. Designers can alter them. I have seen CS203 modified by a designer to a satin finish and CS143 with no patina and buffed to a high polish. That is why we make them of solid metal, so you can control what the final product looks like.

Each of these metals or alloys have specific qualities. The first is Silver.

CS143 polish with patina
CS203 high polish no patina 

Tarnish resistant sterling silver is the most precious. It is 92.5 silver combined with germanium and copper. Prices have made silver beyond the pocket book of some of us. Silver can be the whitest of metals, but with the addition of patina, silver can show texture and depth. 

Silicon Bronze or Jeweler's Bronze is a very durable metal. It has the golden color associated with gold when it is in a high polish, but it has a richer more rosy color when it has patina.

KF171B high polish no patina
KF1B polish and patina   


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  1. Very good looking gold phoenix designs. I liked it so much and I appreciate your efforts in sharing this. Have a great day!