Sunday, January 1, 2012


As I mentioned- I killed my computer New Year's Eve with a glass of water. When something like that happens I realize how dependant all of us are on our tools, whether they are torches, kilns, computers, pliers or telephones.

I try to create redundancy so that if one piece breaks or goes lost I have some way of continuing the important parts of my work. I have a cell and a land line. I have a full sized computer and a netbook. I have more than adequate amounts of beads, pliers, torches, hammers, and multiples of show gear so that I can be quite flexible. You should see my show light collection and collection of shelves.

The next part is remembering to have or bring all associated parts together. A computer without a power plug is useful as a door stop. A selection of jewelry without heads, arms, hands, etc to put them on look like a colorful pile. Planning a trip to a show is a multilevel event. I need inventory, displays, transportation, a place to stay, clothes, etc., etc. One year I had everything ready for Bead and Button and discovered I had forgotten to make airline reservations. I live alone so I have no one to blame but myself.

When I got into this artistic life and left the rather stodgy, organized, somewhate boring life of designing and implementing computer networks I thought I would be free as a bird to express myself. I find myself with more lists than I had before. The gift is that I chose this life and I get to create what I sell and chose where I sell it.

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