Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Greek Key Clasp

Many of my clasps are highly textural and organic. This time I wanted to create a clean geometric clasp that brings back a traditional design element in a new way. It is a curved and scaled piece in one of my favorite styles. It is a hook. Hooks are easy to open and close and hold one to many strands easily without overpowering. My deco bloom, the gingko, the scallop and others are some of my most popular clasps.

When I get an idea sometimes I will start something and get stopped and I will have to put it away until the issue that stopped me gets resolved. At times I have looked at old files or sketches and realized it has take a year or years. This time the clasp got designed and completed in less than an hour. I wonder if it is that good if it takes so little time. You, my customers will let me know.


  1. Oh Kim this is gorgeous! What makes it so special and eye-catching is the way you made the elements slightly wider at the bead end, and more narrow closer to the hook. I had personally tired of the greek key look, especially used as a border detail, but your design is a truly new way to look at it. Congrats again for your vision!

  2. Thank you for your comment. At first the clasp was flat - and I didn't like it very much so a put a curve in it - to make it more comfortable to wear. The straight lines of a greek key are nice for a border but the scaling of the key from smaller to larger I think makes it more graceful.